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Different Types of CBD Products

CBD Products

There are several different types of CBD products that are used in different ways for different reasons.

CBD Oils & Tinctures

The most popular type of product is CBD Oils & Tinctures, which are rapid absorbing for quick effect.

Gummy, Snacks & Beverages

Another type of CBD product are edibles such as gummy, snacks & beverages. These are more convenient and more traditional way of consuming CBD.

Topical CBD

Lastly, Topical CBD products are meant to be applied to a specific area of the skin, muscle or joints. These products do not entire the bloodstream like other products but are used for a targeted purpose.

CBD Oils &

Oils & Tinctures are CBD-infused products that are suspended in an oily base. Oils & Tinctures are the most popular way of consuming CBD. They are fast acting and offered in high and low doses.

CBD Edibles 

CBD Edibles are foods & beverages infused with CBD for tradition consumption. They are also popular among people because of their taste and soothing effects. CBD Edibles are offered in wide array of flavors, strengths, and shapes. Edibles are often the most convenient way of getting a daily dose of CBD.

CBD Topicals

CBD Topicals are products that are used to target the CBD intake through a specific area of the skin, muscles, or joints. CBD Topicals are highly effective and potent since they remain in the area where they are applied rather than spreading throughout the bloodstream.